If you are enrolled in the EPO 500, PPO 1500, PPO 5000, Copay 5000 or EPO 2000, you have access to PinnacleCare Health Advisor for Cancer. When you or a covered family member is faced with a cancer diagnosis, you’re not alone. PinnacleCare’s personal health advisors provide support services that are fast, free, and completely confidential.

A cancer diagnosis can strike when you least expect it…it’s scary and brings up questions such as:

  • Is this diagnosis correct and what oncology doctor should I choose?
  • Which facility has the best oncology outcomes and is any surgery necessary?
  • How can I handle this on top of my other concerns and responsibilities?

PinnacleCare’s experienced, compassionate advisory team understands how it feels to be hit with a life-altering cancer diagnosis, and the emotional and financial toll it takes on entire families. We’re here to help, guiding you to the right specialists in your network, top medical institutions, and to the best treatment options. Because when you’re faced with cancer, knowing where to go, what to do, and how to get care FAST can make all the difference!

Services include:

  • A dedicated health advisor to provide personal guidance on your treatment options
  • Expert second opinion on your cancer diagnosis
  • Collection and organization of important medical records
  • Setting up appointments (in-person or virtually)
  • Connecting you with top oncologists and medical institutions

Free Cancer Diagnosis Support

PinnacleCare Personal Health Advisory representatives are available Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (EST) at 888-442-7380 or go online: www.PinnacleCare.com/support

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