Employees of Ensign-affiliated operations may qualify for a leave of absence under the federal Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”). To be eligible, you must have been employed a total of 12 months (excluding any 7 year gap in employment) and have worked at least 1,250 hours in the 12 months preceding your leave start date. If eligible, up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave are available for:

  • The employee’s own serious health condition;
  • To care for a family member with a serious health condition;
  • Due to a military exigency; or
  • For baby bonding with a newborn/placed/adopted child.

Some states have leave of absence regulations with different eligibility requirements. Depending on where you work and how long you have been employed, you may have additional leave options. Details on all currently available leaves are described in the Leave of Absence Index.

Employees should provide 30 days’ advance notice of the need for leave. If 30 days’ notice is not possible, notice must be given as soon the employee becomes aware of the need for leave.  Employees are notified in writing of the approval or denial of their leave request.

Employees can initiate their leave by completing a Leave of Absence Request Form and sending it via email to LOA@EnsignServices.net or by faxing it to 480-781-4275. Employees may also contact Ensign Services to request a leave of absence by calling 480-701-0477 or by sending an email to: LOA@ensignservices.net to have leave forms sent to them.  If you contact Ensign Services for leave assistance, please be prepared to provide your full name, Workday Employee ID Number, job title, work location and all of your contact information, including a personal email address.

Employees of Ensign-affiliated operations are responsible for paying their benefit premiums while on leave of absence.  Your employer will continue to pay its usual share of benefit costs during the period of  your protected leave. Once your protected leave exhausts, you become eligible for COBRA coverage during the remainder of your leave.  Failure to return to work at the end of leave may result in the company seeking reimbursement from you for costs incurred to provide coverage during your leave. Employees may contact the Leave of Absence Resources at Ensign Services by calling 480-701-0477 or by sending an email to: LOA@ensignservices.net to discuss continuation of benefits during a leave.

TRI-AD is our COBRA & Direct Bill Administrator

We have partnered with TRI-AD as our COBRA and direct bill administrator. If you are on a leave of absence, you will receive a letter mailed to your home address with information and an invoice for your direct bill premiums or COBRA premiums. You can set up an online account on the TRI-AD website for COBRA or direct bill payments, call to make payments, or send your payments via U.S.Mail. If you have questions regarding your TRI-AD account or your benefits while on leave of absence, please contact your Leave of Absence Resource.

Review the information on the COBRA page for more information.

TRI-AD Continuation of Benefits Department
P.O. Box 2059
Escondido, CA 92033
Telephone: 888-844-1372
Fax: 760-233-4742
Website: www.tri-ad.com
Email: cobmail@tri-ad.com