Here you will find information about benefits and services that are free for eligible employees.

  • Employee Assistance Program: Confidential employee counseling and resource program available to all employees of an Ensign Services-affiliated company at no cost, regardless of other benefits enrollment.
  • Free preventive services: If you are enrolled in an Ensign Services medical plan, you have access to a variety of free preventive services including medications and supplements to prevent certain health conditions, vaccines and immunizations, preventive health screenings and more. Annual preventive health screenings are covered at 100% when you use in-network providers and include physical exams, preventive screenings (including screenings for cancer, HPV, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, hearing and vision), health education, intervention services, HIV testing. Screenings must be coded by your physician as preventive. If a screening is coded as diagnostic, the screening will be covered similar to other medical services (copay or deductible/coinsurance).
  • Free telemedicine visits through 98point6: If you are enrolled in the Value Copay Plan, Choice HSA PPO Plan or Premier EPO Plan, you have 24/7 access to free telemedicine visits through 98point6. This is a new kind of primary care provided via text messaging to U.S. based, board-certified physicians.
  • Free tobacco cessation products: If you are enrolled in an Ensign Services medical plan, you have access to a variety of free tobacco cessation products.
  • Wisely Pay Card: Sign up for a free Wisely pay card to receive a reloadable prepaid card that’s your to keep no matter where you work. And with the myWisely mobile app, you’ll have a simple, convenient way to manage your money, ensure your funds are secure, and plan for your financial future.