There’s no better way to protect your smile than with regular dental care. Your benefits program offers dental coverage through Cigna to help with the cost of many dental services, including orthodontia.

Dental PPO Plan

For the highest level of benefits, use a provider in the Delta Dental PPO network (ID, OR and WA) or the Cigna DPPO Advantage network (all other states). You can also go out-of-network but will save money if you use a provider in the Delta Dental Premier network (ID, OR and WA) or the Cigna DPPO network (all other states) versus dental providers who are not in a Delta Dental or Cigna provider network.

Cigna Dental DHMO

The Cigna DHMO (Dental Health Maintenance Organization) may also be available, depending on where you live. Dental services are provided exclusively by Cigna DHMO dentists. There is no deductible or annual maximum benefit. You pay a fixed charge for basic and major services, with preventive and diagnostic services 100% covered. Orthodontia is available for children and adults.

2023 Dental Plans At-a-Glance

Dental PPO Plan
(Delta Dental in ID, OR & WA or Cigna Dental all other states)
Cigna Dental DHMO
Feature Delta Dental PPO/Cigna DPPO Advantage Dentist Delta Dental Premier/Cigna DPPO Dentist Out-of-Network Cigna DHMO Dentists Only
Calendar Year Deductible $50 per person, $150 per family None
Calendar Year Maximum $1,500 per person Unlimited
Preventive Services
Routine exams, dental cleanings
100% covered4 You pay 20%2 You pay 20%1,2 $5 office visit copay
Basic Services
Fillings, oral surgery
You pay 10%1 You pay 20%1,5 You pay 20%1,2 Fixed copays3
Major Services
Crowns, inlays, endodontics, periodontics
You pay 40%1 You pay 50%1,5 You pay 50%1,2 Fixed copays3
Orthodon­tia You pay 50%1 You pay 50%1,5 You pay 50%1,2 Fixed copays3
Available to children under age 19 only up to $1,500 lifetime max Available to children and adults
Temporo­mandibular Joint (TMJ)
$1,000 lifetime max
You pay 40%1 You pay 50%1,5 You pay 50%1,2 Fixed copays3
  1. After calendar year deductible.
  2. Percentage applies to usual, customary and reasonable charges.
  3. DHMO copay schedule: Cigna CA DHMO Patient Charge Schedule, Cigna Non-CA DHMO Patient Charge Schedule.
  4. In-network preventive services do not count toward the annual calendar year maximum.
  5. Percentage applies to negotiated rate.

You do not need a dental plan ID card to access PPO dental benefits. However, if you wish to have a dental plan ID card available, you can download an ID card below.