Well-being isn’t just about your physical health. It’s also about maintaining a healthy behavioral and emotional balance so you have the resilience to take on life’s stressors and cope with any big changes that come your way.

Your Ensign Services-affiliated employer values you, and wants to help you be your best self. Your mental health has an impact on your quality of life and the way you interact with those around you. A range of programs are available to help you with everyday challenges, reduce stress, improve sleep, manage anxiety, build resilience and more. Whether you need immediate help, ongoing treatment, someone to talk to or self-directed tools, we have you covered.

Stress. Depression. Juggling finances. Life can be messy. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here to help. The EAP provided through Unum is a confidential employee resource program available to all employees of an Ensign Services-affiliated company at no cost, regardless if you are enrolled in other benefit plans. The EAP is designed to help you lead a happier and more productive life at home and at work.


  • Assistance with mental health issues, stress management, work-life balance, financial and legal matters, and more.
  • Convenient, reliable support that’s completely confidential.
  • Get referrals to resources and services to help you manage everyday tasks and simplify your life.

Wellvolution provides employees and family members enrolled in the Value Copay Plan, Choice HSA PPO Plan or Premier EPO Plan, lifestyle-based tools and support to help you lose weight, treat diabetes, support mental health, and more. Wellvolution offers top-rated programs to help you build a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.

After you have set up your Wellvolution account and completed your health profile, you will see your recommended programs based on your health goal and how you answered the questions when you completed your health profile.

Click here for more information on how Wellvolution works and how to get started.

If you are enrolled in the Value Copay Plan, Choice HSA PPO Plan or Premier EPO Plan, you can use Teladoc video behavioral health to get support for anxiety, eating disorders, depression, family issues and more. Mental health appointments for covered family members age 18 or older, are available 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time.

Teladoc sessions are covered according your medical plan.

  • Value Copay Plan: $5 copay
  • Choice HSA Plan: 10% after deductible (cost is $55 per visit)
  • Premier EPO Plan: $5 copay

If you or a covered family member are coping with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, substance abuse or an eating disorder, your medical plan can provide the help you need. Services are covered according to your medical plan.

Value Copay Plan

  • Inpatient: 20% coinsurance after calendar year deductible
  • Outpatient: $45 copay

Choice HSA PPO Plan

  • Inpatient: 20% coinsurance after calendar year deductible
  • Outpatient: 20% coinsurance after calendar year deductible

Premier EPO Plan

  • Inpatient: $500 copay after calendar year deductible, then 20% coinsurance
  • Outpatient: $30 copay

Your Kaiser plan’s mental health services include assessment, treatment and support for a variety of mental, emotional and substance use conditions, including anxiety and stress, depression, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder and sleep problems. To learn more about mental health conditions and resilience, visit Find Your Words.

You’ll pay 20% coinsurance after calendar year deductible for the following services:

  • Individual outpatient mental health evaluation and treatment
  • Group outpatient mental health treatment
  • Inpatient psychiatric hospitalization
  • Substance use disorder
  • Inpatient detoxification

Apps for Kaiser Members

Calm: This meditation and sleep app eases you into a healthy state of mind. With Calm, you can build resilience and mental fitness by trying guided meditations, self-care programs taught by world-renowned experts, bedtime stories narrated by celebrity guests, mindful movement videos and more.

myStrength: This app offers a personalized program with in-the-moment coping tools, guided self-care, inspirational resources and more.

To obtain Calm or myStrength at no cost, you must access the apps through the Kaiser member portal.

If you are enrolled in the SIMNSA Baja CA Premier Access HMO, mental health support services are covered as follows for care you receive from a SIMNSA doctor or facility.

  • Inpatient care: covered in