Open Enrollment FAQs2021-07-18T04:20:24+00:00
When is Open Enrollment?2024-01-10T21:14:29+00:00

Open Enrollment usually takes place in October-November each year. The dates for the 2025 Open Enrollment period have not yet been established.

Why don’t I see my 2024 Open Enrollment event in my Workday inbox?2024-01-10T21:17:40+00:00

You may have a pending event, such as a new hire, birth, employment status change, etc. that must be completed before being able to make your Open Enrollment elections. If you have any questions or need help, contact the Benefits Support at  888-659-3616.

What happens if I don’t enroll for my 2024 benefits during Open Enrollment?2024-01-10T21:16:42+00:00

If you did not actively enroll in your 2024 benefits during the Open Enrollment period, your 2023 medical plan election rolled over to 2024.

All of your other benefits rolled over in 2024 except for the Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Accounts. You must enroll in these accounts each year.

I have questions about the voluntary benefits through Unum. Who can I talk to?2024-01-10T21:26:09+00:00