Flexible Spending Accounts FAQs2022-02-10T20:59:41+00:00
When will I receive my Health Care FSA debit card?2021-12-21T02:49:54+00:00

HealthEquity mails a card after they have been notified of your first FSA payroll deduction.

What is a Limited FSA?2023-06-01T02:40:42+00:00

If you or your spouse contributes to a Health Savings Account (HSA), you/your spouse is eligible for a Limited FSA which allows reimbursement only for eligible dental, vision and preventive care expenses. Contact HealthEquity for more information.

If you/your spouse is not contributing to an HSA, you will have a “regular” medical FSA which allows reimbursement for qualified medical, dental, vision and preventive care expenses.

Up until what age do my dependents qualify for care?2017-04-14T05:17:37+00:00

Dependent children under age 13 qualify under the dependent care account.

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