As information continues to unfold about the coronavirus (COVID-19), there’s one thing you can count on: Your Ensign Services benefits are here to provide the support you and your family need.

COVID-19 Update (February 16, 2021)

Click on the links below for COVID-19 support for Ensign Affiliates.

COVID Test Site Finder

Click here to get information on COVID-19 testing near you.

Vaccines are now being distributed by local counties and some national pharmacy partners.

Steps to Sign Up for The Vaccine
When signing up for the vaccine, you will have to answer a few questions that help determine your Phase 1 (long-term healthcare worker) eligibility for the vaccination, and you will need proof that you work as a long-term care employee. Please read this entire section before beginning the sign-up process so that you are prepared to answer all questions correctly.

Sign Up Websites
Locate your local vaccine sign up website. You can use your county’s scheduling website or, you can sign up with a pharmacy partner when available in your area.  You will need to create an account.

State and County Locations: Click here to find your state and county’s Health Department sign up websites.

Pharmacy Partner Locations
View availability and schedule an appointment at the following pharmacies:

  • CVS – Click here
  • Walgreens – Click here
  • Walmart – Click here
  • Sam’s Club – Click here
  • Albertsons Companies – Click here
  • Kroger Companies – Click here

For a complete list of 21 national pharmacy partners, click here.

Answering the Sign Up Questions
When signing up for the vaccine, you will need to answer a few questions to determine your eligibility for a vaccination. Be sure to identify yourself as a long-term care facility worker. As a long-term care worker with the potential for direct or indirect exposure to residents and direct care staff members, you should qualify for Phase 1 (healthcare worker) priority status to be immunized via your county-specific vaccination program. If you do not identify yourself as a long-term care facility employee, you may not qualify for Phase 1, so this is important to note.

Get Ready For Your Vaccine – Required Documentation

Most counties are requiring specific documentation be provided at the vaccine appointment. This section will help you gather the necessary documentation prior to your scheduled vaccine.

  • Facility Affiliate Employees – If your employer identified on your paystub is a facility, you can present a work badge or paystub to identify yourself as a long-term care employee.
  • Service Center/Cornet and Market/Topside Affiliate Employees – If your employer identified on your paystub is not a facility (for example, Ensign Services, Cornet Limited, Keystone Care, etc.), you will need a letter from Ensign Services Benefits, HR to show proof of your eligibility. Please reach out to to request an employer letter at least a few days prior to your scheduled vaccine so that a letter can be prepared for you. When requesting your letter, you will need to provide your name as it appears on your photo ID (Driver’s License, etc.), your Workday employee number, the state and county you live in, and the name of the Market or facilities you support (it helps if we list some of the facilities you support in the employer letter). If you are unsure, please leave blank.
  • Photo ID – Depending on where you live, you may need to provide a photo ID before receiving your vaccine.

NOTE: If a family member needs to sign up for the vaccine and they are not a long-term care healthcare worker, they may not qualify for the vaccine at this time, but we still encourage them to go through the sign-up process, answer the questions according to their personal information, and be placed on the waiting list if possible. Waiting lists rules will vary by county and change daily, so please encourage them to keep trying if they find they cannot be placed on the waiting list immediately.

Click here for COVID-19 Vaccine Safety FAQs.