If you enroll in the PPO 1500, PPO 5000, Copay 5000 or EPO 2000, you have access to Grand Rounds. Whether you need help finding the best physician in your area, information about a new diagnosis or treatment, or support deciding if surgery is right for you or your family, Grand Rounds will take care of it all at no cost to you.

Expert Opinions: Grand Rounds partners with the top specialists in the nation to get expert second opinions for members living with complex or chronic conditions. They gather the members’ medical records for the specialist to review remotely, and the member receives a written diagnosis and suggested treatment plan moving forward.

Office Visits: Grand Rounds schedules doctor’s visits for members and helps ensure the appointment goes smoothly. Members are provided the doctor’s contact information, their doctor’s background and qualifications, and even a list of questions to ask about the condition for which they’re being seen.

Treatment Decision Support: Members can receive over-the-phone medical guidance from our clinicians. Phone appointments are scheduled by going online or by calling to arrange it with a care coordinator. Based on the member’s preference, a clinician will return the call between 5 AM and 6 PM PT.

COVID-19 Resource Center

The COVID-19 Resource Center is now available on the Grand Rounds website. Here you will find COVID-19 FAQs, resources from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  You can also watch a weekly COVID-19 Facebook Live stream where Grand Rounds senior leaders answer questions about COVID-19 in a live digital forum.